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The members of the Austrian Furniture Industry association are very diverse in character. Small craft furniture makers benefit from involvement just as much as global companies that have made a name for themselves by winning international design awards. The same is true of the product ranges: the industry includes not only manufacturers of living room and bedroom furniture, upholstered home furniture and office furniture, but also companies that design and furnish shops and commercial premises. They all have one thing in common: they are deeply rooted in their home country and love using wood as a material. This passionate commitment is palpable in all their furniture. These products are distinguished by their high functionality, master craftsmanship and outstanding quality. Unique and authentic, made of premium materials and often manufactured using sustainable production processes.

The key to good design: like the works of Mozart, furniture design is a composition of many different elements. Chair/Wittmann

Our Priorities

Our members, many of which are medium-sized companies, prize traditional values. At the same time, they develop patented functions and systems, work with precision right down to the last detail, and are always thinking up new refinements and extras. To live up to these high standards, the Austrian furniture industry has always embraced the latest technologies. Today it combines modern CNC technology with elements of artisan craftsmanship to fulfil customers’ desire for authentic materials, individualised furnishing and long-lasting, high quality products. Furniture from Austria is made for real people.

A shared passion for both tradition and innovation is what brings the members of the Austrian Furniture Industry together. ©Bene

As an industry association we represent the interests of our members and make sure their voice is heard in economic and political spheres. This has enabled the Austrian Furniture Industry to gain an international reputation with a strong brand identity. It is synonymous with its core values of high design standards, quality, innovation and its traditional origins. It also generates trailblazing new ideas in the world of home interiors, work environments and real-life experiences. At the same time it acts as an effective economic driver that is firmly anchored in politics and the economy.

“The Austrian furniture industry is known internationally as a trendsetter in important and current topics such as long-lasting design, system intelligence and functionality, while also being a pioneer of regional value creation and sustainability.”

Dr. Georg Emprechtinger, Chairman of the Austrian Furniture Industry, and CEO and owner of TEAM 7

Innovation, quality and design are the distinguishing characteristics of the Austrian furniture industry. It combines high-tech standards with traditional values in a sustainable way, and is a pacesetter for individuality, comfort and a natural lifestyle.


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The Austrian Furniture Industry association currently includes 49 manufacturers, predominantly medium-sized companies, employing around 6,000 people.

The quality of Austrian craft