Made in Austria

“Made in Austria” has become established worldwide as a mark of quality. It signifies elegant forms, environmental responsibility, superior craftsmanship, sophisticated functionality and comprehensive service. The Austrian furniture industry is also a trailblazer in important trending concepts such as individualised home interiors, versatile furniture, modular furnishing concepts and customised manufacturing. That is why the quality mark “made in Austria” will become more and more important for furniture buyers in the future.

The distinctive mix of sophistication and tradition, and a great passion for nature and craft manufacturing are what make furniture that is “made in Austria” so unique. ©ADA Möbelwerke

Our origins are our future

Furniture from Austria inspires trust. High quality products from this part of the world give people a sense of security and confidence: in their quality, materials, manufacturing and service. Thanks to a distinctive combination of craft skills and high tech, Austrian companies are also able to make highly individualised products. For our furniture specialists, traditional craftsmanship goes hand-in-hand with state-of-the-art precision technology.

The love of wood and nature, and a passion for beauty and perfection are in the DNA of these companies. The result is furniture of the highest quality, made to fit any requirements or spaces. At the same time, Austrian furniture embodies the inner values of its creators, adding a distinctive appeal to any interior.

Our manufacturers do more than make products, they express values. Their distinctive characteristics also include impressive logistics, superbly trained employees and great flexibility, ensuring that customers’ wishes are fulfilled quickly and reliably.

Products from this part of the world give people a sense of security and confidence. In workmanship, materials and the commitment to social and environmental standards. ©TEAM 7

Quality you can feel

You only need to touch the beautifully crafted surfaces of our furniture to literally sense the premium quality of Austrian-made products. This is where “slow craft” meets “high tech”. The merits of meticulous craftsmanship are combined with state-of-the-art precision in modern production facilities – this is what gives our furniture its special appeal. You can sense this in every single item. In Austria we still allow time for premium quality woods to mature properly, to stitch soft, supple textiles carefully and to finish beautiful upholstery by hand. And the customer is still king, long after the purchase is made: our companies pride themselves on service, whether that means replacing individual components, providing new covers or re-upholstery. After all, this is not mass production, it’s quality craftsmanship. Each piece of furniture tells its own story. With a craftsman’s devotion to the materials themselves, our manufacturers create products that have a long-established international reputation for premium quality.

Precision, care and excellent manufacturing are high priorities for Austrian companies. ©TEAM 7

„Continuously achieving novelty is a passion we express every single day.“

Johannes Ragailler, Head of Marketing at sedda

Furniture designed with meticulous attention to detail

Whether it is neat, linear and minimalist, or playful, romantic and opulent – the design style is what makes a piece of furniture distinctive and gives it a character of its own. Add artisan detailing and patented functionality and you have items with individual appeal that are destined to become personal favourites. Furniture manufacturers from Austria are experts in this field. From high-quality, untreated solid woods from sustainably managed Austrian forests to elegant design styles with sophisticated extras or versatile convenience functions and smart technologies – attention to detail is a key factor.



Furniture made in Austria celebrates the mix of modern lifestyles and an understanding of materials that has evolved over time, together with a confident feel for exclusive quality workmanship. Our products combine elegant design with clever technology. Award-winning designs earn our manufacturers worldwide acclaim and make them leading trendsetters in the world of interiors.

Innovations for real people

Furniture from Austria makes design statements and constantly reinvents home interiors. Austrian companies regularly attract international attention with pioneering innovations. Their furniture offers exciting smart solutions and outstanding comfort and convenience. The reference point is always the human users, and the desire to enhance their well-being. This requires impeccable quality management, high-level commitment to new developments, and quality products with appealing design style. Attributes that are amongst the acknowledged strengths of the Austrian furniture industry and which are a unique selling point for the sector. The high level of individualisation combined with premium standards of comfort and patented functions allow scope for personal creativity. Homes are just as individual as people.

Austrian manufacturers develop innovative furnishing concepts that not only create spaces for where people’s creativity can flourish, but are also ahead of their time. ©ewe Küchen