In the office or working at home – individually customisable workspaces adapt readily to changing needs and enable people to work anywhere. Shelf/TEAM 7

Shelf/TEAM 7


Where high-quality natural woods meet experienced craftsmanship and premium design, the path leads straight to Austria. The interiors experts from this beautiful alpine country have a better understanding than almost any other nation of how to combine authentic and much-loved traditions with cultivated lifestyles to create individual and eye-catching designer furniture. From the cabinetmaker’s art and expertise in wooden furniture, to the heavenly comfort of box spring beds, or appealing kitchen systems with ingenious details, to luxury upholstered furnishings – Austrian craftsmanship gives every item its individual character. “Made in Austria” also means treating yourself to some high-quality living.

Explore the wonderful diversity of Austrian furniture and let us inspire you!


Creative furnishing concepts for new ways of living

More and more of our everyday activities take place within our own four walls. Like work, for example. The “home office” occupies significantly more room than it used to. What used to be just a makeshift arrangement is now acquiring a more professional look. Mobile, combinable furniture, nifty storage units on wheels, versatile multi-functional pieces and foldaway desks combined with tablet-sized compartments all help to keep things in order and integrate the workspace elegantly into the home environment. Cleverly planned and ingeniously compact.

Flowing transitions offer creative scope and expand the horizons for interior design. The “made in Austria” lifestyle does away with traditional room structures and creates personal spaces where people will be able to give their individual creativity free reign.

High quality ingredients and creativity are important not only in the kitchen but also throughout the rest of the home. Kitchen/HAKA

Smart system intelligence is what makes it possible: folding, swivelling, moving, extending – furniture can be transformed and enhances living spaces. These products need minimal space and fit any kind of interior style. Shelving systems, for instance, can furnish a living area and also provide storage space in the kitchen.

Built-in furniture can be designed to fit the spaces, extendable dining tables allow enormous potential and even the smallest sofa adds a surprisingly powerful relaxation factor. At the touch of a button, lounge furniture reveals many talents: sophisticated comfort functions such as movable armrests, flexible back cushioning, different seat heights and maximum planning freedom all make this possible.

Multitasking, adaptable, packed with features, sophisticated interior concepts from Austria score highly with almost infinitely rich variety. And sustainable materials are another attractive aspect. Natural and authentic, creating long-lasting value.

Growing desire for true values

Today’s home needs to be both a haven for retreat and the centre of digital social communications. With growing awareness of what’s really valuable in life, traditional patterns of consumption are being questioned more critically. What people want is appealing furniture and distinctive, individual solutions. Regional origins, passionate commitment and tremendous expertise give products from Austrian manufacturers a distinctive confidence and stability. They also fulfil a growing desire for nature, authenticity and mindfulness – in short, true quality of life.